AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager App Agamatrix App

Track glucose, insulin, carbs, and weight
all in one place.

Sync your data for easy back up.

Create a free account to store your data on our HIPAA-compliant server.

Access from multiple devices.

View, edit, and sync your data from any device with the app installed.


Rotate the timeline to view a glucose logbook.

Glucose readings are organized by time of day and meal tag.
Color coding makes it easy to identify highs and lows.

View details and statistics for each type of data.

Add notes and tags to individual readings and view color-coded stats for the last 30 days.



Share your data with anyone in an easy-to-read email.

The pre-formatted email includes your color-coded glucose logbook, as well as statistics for insulin, carbs and weight. The attached CSV file contains all your data for the selected time frame.